Learn vim fast with interactive exercises in the browser

Learn vim without enduring boring text only tutorials. gets you the muscle repetition needed to master vim quickly using interactive exercises. Vim adds code editing super powers to your editor of choice. Learn vim fast today!

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Bite-sized lessons get to the point. Early lessons get you walking in Vim as fast as possible. Later lessons let you go fast, increasing speed and efficiency with advanced concepts.
Decipad is an interactive notebook to explore data, create models and share insights. Combine text, numbers, and calculations to bring ideas to life in a narrative format, that anyone can read and understand. is a web app that provides secure local file encryption in the browser. It's fast, secure, and uses modern cryptographic algorithms with chunked AEAD stream encryption.
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Become a true Vim Ninja — instantly enhance your developer experience with our browser-based, interactive Vim course. Don't resort to following poor video or text-based tutorials: use Vim as you learn it, no setup required.
A comprehensive guide for exploring and learning about the theory, science, and perception of color and contrast.
A comprehensive guide for exploring and learning about the theory, science, and perception of color and contrast.
StopTheMadness is a web browser extension for Google Chrome and Safari that stops web sites from disabling UI features in the browser: • open links in a new tab • keyboard shortcuts • contextual menus • text selection • copy&paste • drag&drop • autocomplete/autofill • smooth scr…
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VoxelChain is an experimental tool to create Voxel worlds in the browser. Real-time ray traced lighting and a powerful simulation engine to create beautiful tiny worlds in the browser. You can infinitely "chain" worlds together and digitally communicate logic between them: Wor…
Beam Analytics is the best GA4 alternative with the most generous free tier (up to 100k page views a month). It is GDPR compliant and cookie-free, and comes with funnel analysis, custom events and cohort retention.
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