Beam Analytics

Beam Analytics

The best GA4 alternative with the most generous free tier

Beam Analytics is the best GA4 alternative with the most generous free tier (up to 100k page views a month). It is GDPR compliant and cookie-free, and comes with funnel analysis, custom events and cohort retention.

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Notion AI

Notion AI

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HuggingChat's goal is to provide an AI assistant with a friendly, human-like personality and the ability to understand and respond to natural language queries from users like you.
Medusa is an open source headless commerce platform. Use our building blocks and customize your setup in any way you want. Easy to set up with plug-n-play integrations to payments, CMSs, shipping, analytics etc. - Take ownership of your commerce stack
Documenso is a digital signing platform and DocuSign alternative. Host it yourself or let us handle it. Documenso seamlessly integrates into your business with extensive customization options and an open API. Beautifully simple signing. Phenomenally open.
The new Google Tensor G3 chip is custom-designed with Google AI for cutting-edge photo and video features on Google Pixel 8 Pro.
Amazon Q can be tailored to your business by connecting company data, information, and systems to solve problems, generate content, take actions, and more.
Radar Maps Platform is a cost-effective solution for geocoding APIs, search APIs, routing APIs, and base maps. Together with our Geofencing Platform, Radar provides full-stack location infrastructure for any product or service.
Automatisch is a business automation tool that allows you to connect different services like Twitter, Slack, and more to automate your business processes. It's an open-source and self-hostable alternative to Zapier. You can keep your data on your own servers!
Easily manage logins, sensitive documents, and everything else you need to stay safe online. Featuring an all-new design, Quick Access, and Universal Autofill, 1Password 8 for Mac integrates more deeply with macOS than ever before.
Phind is a conversational search engine for developers. It combines web results with generative AI to give you answers, code examples, and guides. Dive in deeper by asking followup questions — Phind understands the context of your conversation.
We’ve spent thousands of hours grappling with traditional CRMs/platforms like Pipedrive and Salesforce to align them with our business needs, only to end up frustrated—customizations are complex and the closed ecosystems of these platforms can feel restrictive, which inspired us…
Modern discussion forum and member directory for professional groups. It sends calm, automated summaries to everybody so that they stay informed and engaged - even if they never sign in.
Learn vim without enduring boring text only tutorials. gets you the muscle repetition needed to master vim quickly using interactive exercises. Vim adds code editing super powers to your editor of choice. Learn vim fast today!
Taiga is a beautiful open source project management platform that offers a great alternative to Basecamp. It's packed with features like agile project management, issue tracking, and team collaboration tools, all wrapped up in a clean and intuitive interface.
Tauri is a framework for building tiny, blazingly fast binaries for all major desktop platforms. Developers can integrate any front-end framework that compiles to HTML, JS and CSS for building their user interface.
Syncthing is your dropbox alternative where you use your own computers to sync data. Nothing is stored on the cloud, and therefore, it is completely free.
Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is a technique where the capabilities of a large language model (LLM) are augmented by retrieving information from other systems and inserting them into the LLM’s context window via a prompt.
No More Google shows privacy-friendly alternatives to Google products
"Learn Git Branching" is the most visual and interactive way to learn Git on the web; you'll be challenged with exciting levels, given step-by-step demonstrations of powerful features, and maybe even have a bit of fun along the way.
Introducing Voicebox, a new breakthrough generative speech system based on Flow Matching, a new method proposed by Meta AI. It can synthesize speech across six languages, perform noise removal, edit content, transfer audio style & more.
Plausible is a lightweight and open-source Google Analytics alternative. Your website data is 100% yours and the privacy of your visitors is respected.