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7 Minute Workout is is exactly what the name implies, offering 12 exercises you can do entirely at home.
A free and open-source web application to create workouts based on your available equipment and the muscles you want to train.
Living solo is great. But there is a chance that someone gets incapacitated and can not call for help. TheLifeSigns service sends a daily email with a lifesign button. In case you are not able to press the button, TheLifeSigns automatically sends requests to your buddies to che…
Darebee is a free, independent fitness resource run & maintained by a small group of volunteers & fitness professionals with a goal of making fitness accessible & fun & to make a healthy lifestyle easier to start and maintain.
A personal blog about the author's journey to improve sleep quality and reduce time spent awake during the night.
Track the health of your Spine, Hip, Femur, Femur Neck and Forearm using your historical and current BMD scan test reports. Uses Machine Learning to identify key metrics from the BMD report automatically. No Protected Health Information (“PHI”) is collected.
Pixel Thoughts is your meditation web space. If you experience any sort of anxiety, stress or depression, you can type your worries inside the moon and watch them fly away for 60 seconds surrounded by a relaxing music and background. Release the stress and clear your mind for a …
A meditative space where you can look outside of a train window, observe the seasons and days pass by, and draw auroras in the sky.
Put your diet on autopilot with Eat This Much. It automatically creates custom meal plans for your diet goals. Perfect for weight loss, bodybuilding, Vegan, Paleo, Atkins and more!
Start tracking your outdoor fitness activities with OutRun, the open-source, privacy-focused fitness tracker. Monitor your running, cycling, and other exercises while ensuring your privacy is paramount. OutRun provides detailed statistics and insights about your performance in a…
Taking siesta to the next level with a selection of the most silent and sleepy content to help relax your brain and ease you into sleep. It's like a lullaby for your mind, allowing you to take a siesta whenever and wherever you like.
From endless online recipe searches to last minute grocery runs, Flavorish simplifies all things cooking. Accessible anywhere, Flavorish does the thinking for you, creating a recipe using AI, smartly organizing grocery needs and simplifying recipe storage.
Free audio tracks to: 🧘‍♂️ relax, 😴 fall asleep faster and 🔋 increase energy. Similar to meditation, but easier. Science backed.
This platform is a treasure trove of information about food products from around the globe. It's a non-profit project developed by thousands of volunteers, aiming to help users make better food choices. The data is open for anyone to re-use for any purpose. You can contribute by…
Lie still in bed is an article about how to fix your sleep schedule by Ognjen Regoje
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