Let everyone know what's happening next

Effortlessly keep your audience in the loop with a countdown timer for any sequence of events. TimeTil is the perfect tool for managing back-to-back schedules like multi-event conferences, timed museum tours, consecutive fitness classes, and more!

Tailor the look to match your brand and easily toggle between one-time or recurring events. TimeTil is free to use and there are no sign-ups required. Keep your audience informed and engaged as you transition smoothly from one event to the next!

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yunohost gives you a graphical way (no command line!!) to install and self-host over 100 apps, such as * nextcloud * pi-hole * mastodon * wordpress a ton more!
Proximovie is a free website that helps you find what to watch next thanks to community upvotes and various algorithms. Sign up to find and help others find great movies!
General Task is the best way to take control of your workday. Prioritize your work using AI, integrate with your team’s task managers, see your pull requests, take notes, and plan your day with your calendar, all in one place.
Each morning, wake up to a new 5-minute lesson delivered to your email inbox. Learn about art, history, and science while enjoying your coffee, for free.
Lungy is a new iOS app which recognises & responds to breathing. It transforms each breath into an immersive audio-visual experience and was developed by doctors to make breathing exercises more engaging & fun, helping you to relax, sleep & train for sports.
You know all those great ideas you have? We want you to try them, lots of them, and find out what works.
NotebookLM uses the power and promise of language models paired with your existing content to gain critical insights, faster. Think of it as a virtual research assistant that can summarize facts, explain complex ideas, and brainstorm new connections.
Embark on a fun journey with FlagWhiz.com, your ultimate flag trivia site. Challenge yourself with our multiple-choice quizzes featuring 199 flags spanning all continents. We are just starting, have new quiz formats in the pipeline.
This is a list of everything I've found useful in my journey of learning design, and an ongoing list of things I think you should read. Degreeless.Design is an opinionated take on teaching oneself digital design structured in the order you should learn. My end result of the #24H…
Hooks are a new feature proposal for React that lets you use state and other React features without writing a class. useHooks brings you one new React Hook code recipe per day. The goal is to help people understand how hooks work and to feel more comfortable writing their own ra…
Total.js Flow is an excellent and modern Visual Programming Interface for low-code development. It's a viable alternative to Node-RED and fully open-source under the MIT license.
A platform that brings you a collection of the most innovative short films from various genres. Whether you're into documentaries, comedies, sci-fi, horror, or animation, there's something for everyone. Get inspired by student films and award winners. Sign up for our weekly news…
A non-profit initiative that builds and maintains a free, open repository of web crawl data. This data is accessible to anyone and is a valuable resource for researchers. With over 240 billion pages spanning 15 years, it's a treasure trove of information. It's also a primary tra…
OpenMoji is an Open-Source Emoji set created by a team of over 50 students and 2 professors from HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. OpenMoji 12.0 creates full support for the Unicode Emoji 12.0 standard (over 3180 emojis!), introduces an iOS app and an embeddable web font!
Turbo is an incremental bundler and build system optimized for JavaScript and TypeScript, written in Rust.
Expand your vocabulary with a daily email containing definitions 📚, pronunciations 🗣️, etymologies 📜, and examples ✍️!
Just being laid off? stuck in a PhD program? or just having so many doors that you don't know which one to open first? Let AI's creativity and decency help you.
Shelf is a smart asset tracking and management tool that helps you keep track of your company’s physical assets. Scan QR labels, locate assets, manage inventory, and optimize workflows with Shelf.
The Perspective is a website designed to open minds by showing readers what they’re missing due to echo chambers and filter bubbles. It displays two sides of current events, historic and classic debates, employing design and psychology to make it easier to consider ideas that ar…
Wether you are indecisive, trying to reach a group decision or just looking to add some randomness to your decision-making. Just enter your options, turn the wheel and let Fortune decide.