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The Deep Sea

The Deep Sea

Discover what lives in the depths of our oceans

Simply scroll down and dive beneath the ocean, see what lives under different depths and conditions.
The Deep Sea

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This is a virtual ecosystem where different species of creature can live, grow and die as part of a self-contained food chain. Play, experiment and observe.
Beautifully hand drawn minimalist browser game full of surprises. You are a train pilot and a spectator. It's only defect is that it leaves us wishing it was longer.
Play Through All The Major Events of 2020: The Australia Wildfires, Covid-19, The Stock Market Crash, Quarantine, The Rise of TikTok, the USA Elections, etc.
One of those sites to help you fight boredom by watching random videos from a spacecraft-like website.
Type something and listen to the corresponding drum rhythm.
Pixel Thoughts is your meditation web space. If you experience any sort of anxiety, stress or depression, you can type your worries inside the moon and watch them fly away for 60 seconds surrounded by a relaxing music and background. Release the stress and clear your mind for a healthy life.
Have a professional looking resume in minutes. Hosted so you can share a link.
Heroicons is a set of free SVG icons by the makers of Tailwind CSS that come in two different sizes, and are pre-optimized to be styled with CSS classes directly in your HTML.
Craiyon, formerly DALLĀ·E mini, is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt.
Help Apple design the next iPhone before the September event.
Transfer files from browser to browser via P2P. Just share a link. No middleman.
Make My Drive Fun is a web app to make your drive fun and funky by stopping at some groovy places along the way! Enter your information and get a route that stops at the funkiest places, where each stop is < 20 minutes off the main road, so you can keep good time while having a good time!
Pas an image or it's URL in Tinyeye, it will find similar ones across the web.
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