Create comics, manga and webtoon with an AI in minutes.

Shortbread is a platform that allows users to create comics, webtoons, and manga in minutes using an AI-powered engine. With Shortbread, storytellers can bring their ideas to life quickly and easily. The platform offers unparalleled control over each panel, allowing users to manipulate scenes, character poses, facial expressions, and camera angles. Additionally, Shortbread provides a rich selection of design elements to enhance the look of comics. Whether you're a professional artist or a beginner, Shortbread is the next generation of visual storytelling at your fingertips.

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🔧 Take your web app codebase and transform it into a cross-platform desktop app with native functionality. 🖱️ With our drag-and-drop UI, you can easily customize your app's design. Code is optional. 🚀 One-click publish your desktop app to your customers. is a website that provides a tool to create natural-sounding voiceovers using AI-enabled voices. It offers various voices in multiple languages, allows adding multimedia and gives control over the voice characteristics. It also allows team collaboration and has a free de…
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A unique platform that allows you to visualize your code in a whole new way. With the power of TypeScript, you can create diagrams to plan and understand your code better. It's like having a map for your code, but cooler!
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This web app allows users to learn Morse code in a fun and interactive way. It is completely free and ad-free. The app features an interactive device that helps users practice and improve their Morse code skills. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, this app is perf…
Snack Prompt is here to make ChatGPT easier by providing a platform where users can discover, upvote and share the best AI prompts from our community of prompters. Discover the best prompts of the day right inside ChatGPT.
Scale 2.0 now offers high-quality multi-color illustrations that can be customized using our ready-made color swatches or even your own preferences! Of course: - It is totally FREE - Requires NO attribution - A NEW illustration will be added each day
Create and publish a website, blog or portfolio using nothing but Apple Notes. No more excuses to not have a personal site. 1. Create dedicated folder in the Apple Notes. 2. Connect it to Montaigne. 3. Add notes with your content. 4. You are done!
Create and publish a website, blog or portfolio using nothing but Apple Notes. No more excuses to not have a personal site. 1. Create dedicated folder in the Apple Notes. 2. Connect it to Montaigne. 3. Add notes with your content. 4. You are done!
Make your own ChatGPT-style chatbot by just pointing this tool towards your sitemap.xml file or uploading a bunch of files
Create endless 3D worlds using your voice with Anything World - in realtime, with AI behaviours applied! The only limit is the limit of your imaginary imagination!
Want to send a unique message to your loved ones? Try it's a(door)able, a one-minute minigame where you can add your own personal message. Show some love to the creator by supporting on Patreon. Enjoy the free open-source playable silliness. Thanks for playing!