Curated links to the best documentaries

Curated links to the very best documentaries from BBC, Channel 4, Netflix, VICE, YouTube, Vimeo and more

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Free public domain movies online
I Have No TV is a free streaming documentaries website that offers a wide range of documentaries on various topics such as astronomy, nature, brain, science, health, and lifehack. Explore the fascinating world of documentaries and expand your knowledge with our extensive collect…
Thousands of documentaries you can watch for free.
GrowthBoosters is a curated software marketplace. Our goal is to help startup foundders and entrepreneurs find the best software and product alternatives available for them. We would also want to make it easy for tool makers, indihackers and software vendors to improve the onlin…
Mistral 7B is a 7.3B parameter model that: • Outperforms Llama 2 13B on all benchmarks • Outperforms Llama 1 34B on many benchmarks • Approaches CodeLlama 7B performance on code, while remaining good at English tasks
For those of us that sleep with sounds, it can be difficult to know which really help us sleep. Timbre provides personalized sleep sound rankings, curated soundscapes, sleep analysis & feedback, a smart alarm and more.
A directory of 1100+ online communities organized by topic, platform, and community features. Discover the perfect community for you, or list your own for free.
Dive into a world of joy-sparking websites, each with their unique quirks and features. From playful hero ornaments to high-contrast modes, ASCII art, and even a guestbook to sign, there's always something new to discover. Don't forget to click the dog to tinyfy it, or launch a …
• The new React site ( teaches modern React with function components and Hooks. • We’ve included diagrams, illustrations, challenges, and over 600 new interactive examples. • The previous React documentation site has now moved to
An online document editor for creating and automating generation of PDF documents from HTML/CSS. No installation required and free to use. Hundreds of templates from invoices, reports, resumes, legal documents, and more.
Developers, are you tired of seeing your creations fade while marketers steal the spotlight? Introducing DevHunt, the exclusive platform for talented developers like us. Stop letting your dev tools and open-source projects go unnoticed. Visit DevHunt now and join the software de…
Dive into an infinite world of AI-generated vector images. Browse, download, or create your own images for free. Available in SVG and PNG formats. Need something unique? Prompt our specialized AI to generate a unique image for your needs. It's as easy as typing in a descript…
Podcast ai is a podcast that is entirely generated by artificial intelligence. Every week, we explore a new topic in depth, and listeners can suggest topics or even guests and hosts for future episodes.
Phind is a conversational search engine for developers. It combines web results with generative AI to give you answers, code examples, and guides. Dive in deeper by asking followup questions — Phind understands the context of your conversation.
400+ resources for creators to help them get started, sell, and grow their creative business. Find tools, guides, newsletters and communities.
Save and sync your web bookmarks using Link Book and GitHub while retaining full control of your data
Discover the optimal seat to stay in the shade during your journey. Provides Sun Exposure Data and Route Visualization.
The fastest knowledge base for growing teams. Beautiful, realtime collaborative, feature packed, and markdown compatible.
A free and open-source web application to create workouts based on your available equipment and the muscles you want to train.
Payload is a developer-first headless CMS and application framework built to finally give developers a better choice in the world of CMS. From documentation to design, Payload is changing the CMS status quo.
Discover the coolest buttons for your projects on! We curate the best from Codepen's creators, so you never settle for boring buttons. Explore, copy, and get inspired. Plus, you can submit your own designs!
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