Check your ego and get roasted by AI.

Let's take a breather from all the "alignment" and "singularity" chatter. AI doesn't have to be a high-stakes game!

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Ignite your imagination with our free AI story generator! Our AI story generator creates fascinating tales and our book writer weaves these into captivating novels. Let our AI story generator bring your stories to life! Dive deep into a world where creativity knows no bounds.
Avatar AI is the first app to let you create your own AI-generated avatars with new latent diffusion imaging models. You get a pack of 100+ AI-generated avatars in styles like 🌵 Desert Punk, 🎅 Christmas, 🌴 Jungle, ❤️‍🔥 Dating, 🌻 Sunflowers and 🕹 GTA
Is My Plane a 737 MAX? is a website that allows users to check if their flight is operated by a Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. It provides real-time information on the nearest flight with a given flight number, helping users double-check their reservations for the latest aircraft type…
Cabal helps founders and their teams get more out of their investors and advisors by making it easy to surface what they need—and even easier for investors to contribute.
Recommend newsletters to your audience and get paid when they subscribe. This is a wonderful way for newsletter writers to earn an additional income stream.
Search any YouTube channel and get their channel analytics, estimated revenue, and forecasted growth. All data can be boiled down by day, per video.
Julius is a powerful AI data analyst that helps you analyze and visualize your data. Chat with your data, create graphs, build forecasting models, and more.
Copilot will uniquely incorporate the context and intelligence of the web, your work data and what you are doing in the moment on your PC to provide better assistance. Available in Windows 11, Microsoft 365, and in our web browser with Edge and Bing.
What if printable code reviews were actually a real SaaS ? Reviewed by Elon himself?
VerasChat is a generative AI assistant that offers tailor-made solutions for businesses. It helps businesses increase efficiency, improve engagement, and generate anything specific to their company.
Learn prompt engineering best practices for application development. Discover new ways to use LLMs, including how to build your own custom chatbot. Gain hands-on practice writing and iterating on prompts yourself using the OpenAI API.
Have I Been Pwned? will inform you if one of your accounts was compromised. They've cataloged over 4.9 Billion hacked accounts. is your AI SuperApp; stop having to manage different tools, websites, and software for your different AI needs and switch to us. With the newest AI models, tools, and a simple yet powerful app, you 18x your productivity and get more done in less time. Don't believe us?…
What The Diff analyzes the changes of your pull requests and gives you and your team a summary of all the changes in plain english within a few seconds. No need to write a change log yourself anymore.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is trained using human-created content. If humans stop producing new content and rely solely on AI, online content across the world may run the risk of becoming repetitive and stagnant. Add the badge to your work, with pride.
"Slices" challenges you to strategically cut through surfaces, isolating orbs onto individual islands within a limited number of slices.
A dedicated, non-disruptive incident escalation tool with instant feedback and escalation policies. Fairly priced. No hidden fees.
A dedicated, non-disruptive incident escalation tool with instant feedback and escalation policies. Fairly priced. No hidden fees.
Mix Check Studio utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to analyze your mixes and masters, delivering accurate and actionable feedback to help you identify and fix issues in your music.
Replit Ghostwriter is an AI pair programming tool that offers four features: Complete, Generate, Transform, and Explain Code. Ghostwriter can help you code faster and be more creative. In-browser and deployed anywhere in the world... on any device!