Proposal Genie

Proposal Genie

Writing Tool

Top Quality Proposals

With Proposal Genie, you can be confident that you're sending out only the best applications to get the job you want faster and easier than ever before.

Our AI-driven platform creates custom proposals tailored to your job specs in minutes, so you can spend less time writing proposals and more time on the projects that matter.

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Notion AI

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Moredeal AI Writer is a powerful WordPress plugin that combines AI and big data technology, providing the ultimate solution for content creators who want to improve their writing quality and productivity. With this plugin, you will gain access to a range of powerful features tha…
Most of the best writing was *not* created in the past year. Yet our feeds are dominated by the past 24 hours. Read Something Wonderful is an antidote to recency bias, an access point to writing that has stood the test of time.
Writesonic is an AI writer that's been trained on top-performing SEO content, high-performing ads, and converting sales copy to help you supercharge your writing and marketing efforts.
Dramatron is a system that uses large language models that could be useful for authors for co-writing theatre scripts and screenplays. Dramatron interactively generates character descriptions, plot points, location descriptions and dialogue.
ast-grep(sg) is a fast and polyglot tool for code searching, linting, and rewriting at large scale. Think it as a hybrid of grep, eslint, and codemod. But for all programming languages with super fast running speed!
Bike is a fast and fluid outliner for macOS. Your thoughts and ideas flow smoothly across the screen. Bike also works well with big files, uses open file formats, and is scriptable. Try it, Bike is different.
A library for audio and music analysis and feature extraction, can be used to study the classification, separation, music information retrieval (MIR), ASR and other tasks in the audio field.
The hard part about writing isn't formatting text, it's organizing and developing ideas. Lunette is a word processor that ditches the traditional suite of tools to focus exclusively on an experience that helps writers write.
Smart Write & Edit combine cutting-edge generative AI with the personal knowledge stored in your Mem account to craft high-personalized content that reflects your own unique knowledge, voice, and style.
Hemingway Editor is a tool that makes your writing unique! Not merely a grammar checker, it will flag any errors in your text, but it will also improve its formatting, making it more readable and shareable. You can upload your content to Medium or WordPress, or you can export it…
VHS is a tool for generating terminal GIFs. VHS lets you write code and generate terminal GIFs from it for easy updating and version control. It's great for READMEs, integration tests, and really whatever you want!
Paraphraser, summarizer, & grammar checker that helps you write! — QuillBot is sophisticated AI using Natural Language Understanding to automatically reconstruct your content to improve clarity. Generous FREE tier gives you a lot without having to pay.
Compare heights visually with this helpful online tool. After entering people’s or object's heights in centimeters or inches, this tool shows how they stack up against each other.
Flip Text and write upside down. Flip any words upside down to use in Facebook. Anything you write will become flipped upside down, very easy to use.
This tool allows you to inspect the tree structure of a PDF file. Drag and drop a PDF file to try it out. It is built using the Mozilla/PDF.js library. I made a fork of the project and extracted only the core part of it and published it as separate npm package pdf.js-core.
UneeBee is an open-source tool for creating interactive courses like Duolingo. Everyone who joins the waitlist of our cloud offering will get 50% off your first year.
TextFX was created in collaboration with Lupe Fiasco consisting of 10 tools, each is designed to explore creative possibilities with text and language. TextFX is powered by Google's PaLM 2 large language model, via the PaLM API.
Log in more conveniently to any online service that has 2-factor authentication enabled. Auto-enter 2FA tokens and log in faster. Install the extension, pair it with the 2FAS app on your phone, and enjoy seamless, secure browsing!
A scoring tool for your favorite board games, including Scrabble, Wingspan, Yahtzee, and over 20 other titles. Minimalist design with no cost, no registration, no distraction, and no paper waste.
Replit Ghostwriter is an AI pair programming tool that offers four features: Complete, Generate, Transform, and Explain Code. Ghostwriter can help you code faster and be more creative. In-browser and deployed anywhere in the world... on any device!
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