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Fastest way: csv/xls to dashboard report, no ChatGPT upload

DataSquirrel saves you time, stress, and pain when understanding data, creating clear visuals and dashboard reports. It's: Fast. Guided. Plain English. Auto-analyze. Auto-clean. Auto-chart. Share. Comment. Download. DataSquirrel is now open to BETA users!

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Forget yet another BI tool. Build fully automated dashboards with the flexibility and familiarity of a spreadsheet. With native connections to your data, Equals automatically updates your charts and tables as needed, so you never have to.
Transfer files from browser to browser via P2P. Just share a link. No middleman.
ScholarTurbo empowers you to unleash the capabilities of ChatGPT for PDFs. Upload any PDF and start asking questions about it.
Stoat is a SaaS platform for developer tooling focused on aggregating data across GitHub builds into a single pull request comment that is updated as new data becomes available. This comment as a customizable build dashboard embedded in your pull requests. In only a few minut…
Open AI has just announced plugins for ChatGPT. From now it will be possible to inject real-world and real-time data into the ChatGPT context. Some examples are available online for preview, and developers will have access to the API soon.
UniJump - Free ChatGPT Shortcut with Superpowers πŸ¦„ 100% Free ✨ 100% Open Source πŸŽ‰ No sign up required Use UniJump to easily access ChatGPT from any website by using just a keystroke! πŸ‘‰ MAC Shortcut: CMD + J πŸ‘‰ WIN Shortcut: ALT + J 🚨 SUPERPOWERS 🚨 - Chat Interface…
A simple web app that makes it easy to learn the notes and practices scales on the guitar. Try out different tunings and highlight/play the notes of specific scales on the fretboard.
Expand your vocabulary with a daily email containing definitions πŸ“š, pronunciations πŸ—£οΈ, etymologies πŸ“œ, and examples ✍️!
HuggingChat's goal is to provide an AI assistant with a friendly, human-like personality and the ability to understand and respond to natural language queries from users like you.
ChatPDF is the fast and easy way to chat with any PDF, free and without sign-in. Talk to books, research papers, manuals, essays, legal contracts, whatever you have! The intelligence revolution is here, ChatGPT was just the beginning!
Patterns is the fastest way to connect AI like ChatGPT to real business data and drive actions. In Patterns, you can build a Slack bot to answer incoming customer questions using your existing docs, add an AI assist feature to your product, and more.
Phind is a conversational search engine for developers. It combines web results with generative AI to give you answers, code examples, and guides. Dive in deeper by asking followup questions β€” Phind understands the context of your conversation.
Depot is a hosted container build service that builds Docker images up to 20x faster than existing CI providers. We run fully managed Intel and Arm builders in AWS, accessible directly from CI and from your terminal.
Instantly answer your visitors' questions with a personalized chatbot trained on your website content.
The easiest way of getting open source icons with no hassle. Copy icon link to use with Notion, copy the icon code and paste it directly into Figma or download it to your computer with a single click.
The biggest update to Rows yet. πŸ–‹οΈ New spreadsheet editor πŸ”‘ REST API, Zapier, Make, and Looker connectors βš™οΈ New integrations with BigQuery and OpenAI πŸ“Š Redesigned charts, with descriptions and footnotes, responsive and easy to embed anywhere on the web
Mineo is the platform to explore your data, develop and deploy your supercharged Python Notebooks with nocode widgets and track the quality of your data using Machine learning πŸ€–
Say goodbye to boring forms. Meet Tally β€” the free, intuitive form builder you’ve been looking for.
A simple, locally running ChatGPT UI that makes your text generation faster and chatting even more engaging, with in-built microphone support!
A collection of prompt examples to be used with the ChatGPT model. To get started, simply clone this repository and use the prompts in the file as input for ChatGPT. You can also use the prompts in this file as inspiration for creating your own.
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