A better way to practice coding

A website with interactive coding challenges to help you improve your programming skills.

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Switch between Spaces, use Windows-style Back and Forward, and more - right from your mouse. Also features a refined Smooth-Scrolling algorithm that strikes a perfect balance between fluidity and control. 100% free, light on system resources, and easy to use.
Practice and improve your typing by retyping ENTIRE classic books! Choose from the likes of 1984, Alice in Wonderland, or The Art of War. With our library of classic titles in various languages growing all the time, you'll never run out of lit to type!
Laws of UX is focused on making complex psychology heuristics accessible to more designers through an interactive resource that collects those that are relevant to user experience design.
The stacking workflow is a better way to manage pull requests. It allows for small PRs, easy dependency management, and improved code structure. Stacking is independent of language or repository type, making it accessible to all developers.
A 41 point checklist to make sure you have everything covered to make your website convert as well as possible
Use ChatGPT with enhanced features like fast response, chat search, integrations, prompt library, etc. Use your own API Key, run locally on your browser, macOS App, and self-host available.
A free book collecting over 100 project ideas for learning any programming language with detailed specifications and mock-ups. From CLIs to games, there's something for everyone. Don't know what to build? Browse Projectbook and get building.
Replit Ghostwriter is an AI pair programming tool that offers four features: Complete, Generate, Transform, and Explain Code. Ghostwriter can help you code faster and be more creative. In-browser and deployed anywhere in the world... on any device!
Untools is a curated collection of tools to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems. Discover new thinking tools and how to use them.
A simple, locally running ChatGPT UI that makes your text generation faster and chatting even more engaging, with in-built microphone support!
Now when you go to, you'll be presented with a lightweight version of VS Code running fully in the browser. Open a folder on your local machine and start coding. No install required.
Join Reforge to learn from the world's top practitioners. Experts across product, growth, marketing, and more are publishing their work on Reforge. Access is free and you can download, remix, and use these Artifacts so you never start from scratch on your next project from produ…
Cody is described as the most powerful and accurate AI coding assistant for writing, fixing, and maintaining code.
It is a chat bot that enables users to interact with PDF documents in a more efficient and fun manner. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to help users read through and extract valuable insights from their PDFs. It is multilingual, requires no sign-up and free
Spoken helps users save up to 80% and cut through confusion when buying furniture online. We connect products across 1,000s of stores to give you the best price, all in one place.
Website that has been around for 20 years that allows you to write a letter to… yourself! Your future self.
The Psychology of Human Misjudgment is a comprehensive exploration of the factors that influence human behavior, as explained by Charlie Munger. This website provides a transcript of Munger's talk, along with additional resources and insights on the topic.
A comprehensive guide for exploring and learning about the theory, science, and perception of color and contrast.
A comprehensive guide for exploring and learning about the theory, science, and perception of color and contrast.