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Best 50 productivity hacks chosen by the internet

50 Hacks write tips that help you get things done (no account needed). The internet upvotes the best ones. Discover the crowdsourced list of the top 50 productivity hacks!

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A directory of 1100+ online communities organized by topic, platform, and community features. Discover the perfect community for you, or list your own for free.
Prepend to the URL of any paywalled page, and we'll try our best to remove the paywall and get you access to the article. Show me a 10ft paywall, Iโ€™ll show you a 12ft ladder.
According to this website, a half-baked idea is an idea which is not completely thought out. Vote for your favourite ideas to help make them happen.
Take notes on websites! Features: - Attach notes to specific websites or match multiple URLs with regex. - Sync notes across all devices. - Organize notes with tags and folders. - Privacy focused.
Verbally is your free meeting helper. Display & time-box your agenda, stay on time with meeting & speaker timers, plus more. Works in seconds with Zoom & Google Meet. Empower your meetings with efficiency, top-of-mind focus and a few friendly nudges.
Fast is a simple and powerful website that check your internet connexion speed. Powered by Netflix.
This is the biggest public APIs database available. We scanned 5000+ public APIs and ranked them according to their design, performance, quality, and security. Quickly look at an API before using it, and compare your APIs with others.
BlockSite is considered an awesome self control tool to regain time control as it enables you to control your browsing content by blocking apps and sites when you need to keep focused.
Upstract is the Web's Most Popular Destination for News Enthusiasts.
DamnGood.Tools is a set of productivity tools, not necessarily AI-based. You can detect fonts for any, quickly render screenshots of your site in many dimensions, chat with any PDF file, and more.
Snack Prompt is here to make ChatGPT easier by providing a platform where users can discover, upvote and share the best AI prompts from our community of prompters. Discover the best prompts of the day right inside ChatGPT.
Sign Learner is a free browser extension to help you learn and retain sign language whenever and wherever you go online. Browse the internet and learn sign language by hovering over highlighted words to see the corresponding sign in either ASL or BSL. Sign Learner makes it easy โ€ฆ
This harm reduction tool helps to detect dangerous and lethal interactions in substance combinations.
A free, sovereign and GDPR-compliant recursive DNS resolver with a strong focus on security to protect the citizens and organizations of the European Union.
A website that aims at finding all the educational resources on the web such as courses and books, but also YouTube channes and podcasts.
Most of the best writing was *not* created in the past year. Yet our feeds are dominated by the past 24 hours. Read Something Wonderful is an antidote to recency bias, an access point to writing that has stood the test of time.
Raycast is the command center for all your tools and workflows. With the new Extensions API you can build and share powerful productivity tools in no time. Supercharge your productivity by installing community extensions from the Store in one click.
PostHog is a product analytics platform for teams that want to keep their data private. ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป Host in the cloud or your own infrastructure ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Analyze funnels, paths, trends ๐Ÿงช Run A/B tests and correlation analysis ๐ŸŽฅ Record user sessions ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ Sync with BigQuery,S3
The powerful app to decrypt, create and negotiate a venture capital operation or Anancing with friends and family. Designed for the founders / leaders / stockholders of a start-up, entrepreneurs, investors, business angels, advisors and lawyers. Simulfund lets you deal with key โ€ฆ
Curated links to the very best documentaries from BBC, Channel 4, Netflix, VICE, YouTube, Vimeo and more
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